dōTERRA Dawn Aroma Humidifier with Easy Air® and On Guard®

Get the Dawn Aroma Humidifier with two of the most popular doTERRA essential oil blends—Easy Air On Guard—at an unbeatable price.

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$15733 CAD


The Dawn Aroma-Humidifier is designed to create the ultimate level of comfort in any room. There are benefits to using a humidifier all year long, but it is especially useful in the heart of cold and hot seasons when the air is driest. The Dawn Aroma-Humidifier even has a smart sleep mode for maintaining ideal humidity levels throughout the night. With Easy Air and On Guard included, this bundle has everything you to create a comfortable environment not just through the night but for every season.

Collection Content:

  • 15 mL On Guard
  • 15 mL Easy Air
  • 1 Dawn Aroma-Humidifier

Customer Reviews

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Gail B.

I am wondering why I am not smelling the essential oil from my new doTerra Ultrasonic Humidifier. I put in the recommended 15 drops?


One in every room!
I loved this humidifier/diffuser combo so much that I bought one for every bedroom and our family room. Keeps a perfect level of humidity. Super easy to clean and fill.


Love it! Best diffuse yet, plus humidifies too!!❤️
I know have 3 of these. And I want more! Easiest humidifier to set up. You can add oils and diffuse easily too. I had no issues with any of my 3.


Best ever. I finally found the perfect diffuser and it humidifies too! I love adding my oils but its so simple, not sure how anyone could screw this up.